Top Tips For Bathroom Blinds

Everyone knows that the bathroom is one of the most private and personal places in the house. So when it comes to blinds its essential that you choose the right one for you, as the right set of blinds helps you set the mood for your moments of relaxation.


Choosing fabrics

When it comes to bathrooms it’s easy to forget that some fabrics don’t work very well. Regardless of how they look you have to focus on how they work. An example of this is wooden venetian blinds, they look great (all of our blinds do) but in a bathroom they would eventually warp from the moisture in the air and the heat. This will make the whole thing look a little shabby after a while. There are a couple others to watch out for as well such as Cotton and linen, these are both less suited to the damp environment. So the best thing to do is to buy PVC or other non fabric blinds, these will last a lot longer and will be easier to clean.


So to answer the age old question we recommend you to use blinds in bathrooms rather than curtains for the reason explained above. As for which style of blind well that is a difficult question, we know that coventry’s favourite blind is the roller blinds but the most ideal blind for bathrooms we have to admit is the classic venetian blind. The roller blind can be practical and is great for privacy but at the end of the day the venetian blind trumps it on all of these qualities. They can twist to adapt and help control the direction of light in a bathroom as well as limiting the light as little or as much as you like. The true winner of the bathroom blind olympics is the venetian blind. Another contender for this is the vertical Blind, resilient and ever present through many homes these blinds are brilliant for almost all rooms. The suggestion for Vertical blinds is only if you have a spacious bathroom that is well ventilated. We know this sounds contradictory to what we said earlier but it could be a massive design feature for the right bathroom.

So just to sum it up for you Bathroom blinds can be difficult to choose but thinking logically and choosing wisely will pay off in the long run. For more information about our bespoke fitted blinds contact us on 02476 666686 or email us at