Trending bathroom colours for your bespoke blinds

Over the years, trends for bathroom colours change with the times and rightly so. But sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with these trends and more importantly, matching your bespoke blinds to go with your interior aesthetics. White bathrooms have always been a basic trend within the industry and if we’re honest, they still are, however, many more people are moving away from this mentality and becoming a lot more adventurous with other brighter and bolder statement pieces.

What bespoke blinds are in trend at the moment?


The trending style is marked by the return of natural and functional bathrooms. This is coupled with easy to maintain and practical window coverings giving you the perfect overall aura. This does leave room for elegance and comfort which is ideal for any bathroom.

The theme of nature allows for the use of natural materials such as stone, wood and ceramics to bring a real feeling of natural surroundings to your bathroom.

This creates an organic yet modern aura which is very much in trend at the moment. Whether it’s a wooden bathtub, ceramic tiles, clay vessels, cement tiles, metallic blinds, etc, conversion of old materials into usable items to complete the look is very acceptable and very sustainable.

Our recommendations: A statement piece yet subtle white shutter blind for your bathroom would compliment this look perfectly. This adds to the distinctive yet sophisticated theme that can transform your bathroom.


Seasonal tones

In regards to colours, your bespoke blinds in your bathroom can be reflective of seasonal changes. If it’s a natural theme you’re after, clean colours depicting nature will be perfect for you. In season at the moment are brilliant blues, matte blacks and earthy greens that may even spill over to next year.

The brilliant blues give a sense of wellness and restfulness which can almost mimic a sanctuary spa. It gives a clean and fresh finish to your bathroom which brings serenity and calmness into your space allowing your body to relax.

The saturated green feels very bold and wild. It is very compatible with neutrals. It’s very bright and creates a mood that lifts the spirits and brings you back life when you step into a room yet is still in trend with nature.

Our recommendations: You can incorporate blue or green roller blinds to bring out the essence of your bathroom. These subtle yet practical additions also make the perfect feature without being over-bearing


Bespoke blinds and Jewel tones


Though these are personal preference, getting bespoke blinds in jewel tones are very much in trend and are looking to stay. Jewel tones are any of various colours (such as amethyst, emerald, and ruby) that resemble those of gemstones.
Jewel tones are other colours that are in the spotlight because of their dramatic and bold appeal. They attract the eye almost instantly when entering your bathroom and are hard to ignore especially due to their diverse mixtures and patterns. They shake up your bathroom and are especially good if you’re after a bold statement piece if you’re a little stuck on how to decorate the rest of your bathroom.

Our recommendations: A roman blind in jewel tones would be great for your bathroom. Not only is this appealing if you’re after a bold statement, but they also work brilliantly for smaller bathrooms or spaces. A roman blind is non-protruding and is a lightweight addition to the bathroom.


Distinctive colours


Opting for a bright yellow colour scheme can bring a sunny light to your bathroom, even in the gloomiest of weather. This colour is adaptable and can even be incorporated via bathroom tiles, flowers and pictures. They can make any room brighter and your bespoke blinds can hold their own with this beautiful colour.
In complete contrast, Matte black is also trending. Though it has stricken a lot of debate, matte black bespoke blinds have been very popular due to the sense of mystery and essence of prestige they create. They are very stylish and can be paired with any colour décor and accessories to give your bathroom its style.

Our recommendations: Roller blinds are perfect for these distinctive and bold colours. They have a sharp and clean finish which enhance the colours perfectly.
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