How to clean your shutter blinds

When you’re choosing shutter blinds for your home, cleaning them is often an after thought. Naturally, the excitement of choosing new blinds is the most important thing – at the time. Once you have your beautiful new shutter blinds fitted, you’ll want to make sure that you stay on top of cleaning them to keep them looking brand new. The good news is they’re not hard to clean so don’t worry.

It’s good to keep in mind that wooden products and wood as a material in general doesn’t take well to excessive moisture so avoid using huge amounts of water. Light cleaning with a clean, dry cloth is all you need for most every day dust and debris.

Dry cloths and products for the win

Taking a dry microfibre cloth is probably your best option to avoid using anything that will effect the material or slats over time. Simply tilt your slats and gentle wipe away any dust or dirt. If you have more stubborn dirt, you could use a clean and soft toothbrush to remove any build up. If required, a slightly damp cloth can work as well. Of course, keep in mind that excessive moisture can effect the material over time. Once any dirt or stains have lifted, gently wipe your blinds down with a dry cloth.

Cream shutter blinds image

Cleaning shutter blinds with a hoover

If you’ve got shutter blinds that are higher in nature, a hoover or vacuum cleaner is a good option as long as you have a soft head/attachment. This is good to suck up any dust or dirt that a simple cloth may not get too. The way in which you clean them is no different to using a cloth. Simply open each slat and clean them by running the hoover attachment across them. Be mindful to not push to hard on the slats of your shutter blinds to avoid any marks or damage.

Feather dusters

If your blinds are in an area that collect a lot of dust – feather dusters are great for cleaning. Due to their soft feathers and ability to mould into small gaps, you can use dusters to get into hard to reach areas. This is especially useful for shutter blinds that are high up and hard to reach.

Wooden Shutter blinds in a living room

Are shutter blinds for you?

Shutter blinds are a timeless and elegant addition to your home. This is down to their simplicity, elegancy and their pure beauty. A true timeless classic. So much so, we’ve written about different shutter blinds, their styles and why they could work for you, in your home.